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Course reflection and evaluation

I could not wait to enroll on this course when I finished Level 1. I enjoyed learning about the various histories of landscape and different types of practices associated with it. I found assignment 1 one of the most interesting to do and sincerely enjoyed exploring all manners of the sublime in my research. I was a little disappointed to see that assignment 2 was about a journey. Almost every module I have done has had an exercise about a journey in it and I found this a little frustrating. But at the end of the course I can say I get it! The journey isn’t really just about the physical journey, but about the mental journey (and also the photographic journey as we develop our practice). Assignment 3 was an exploration into my new surroundings which I relished discovering. The edgelands and psychogeography are definitely topics that I will want to explore in more depth. Once I settled on a topic for assignment 4, I found that I liked doing the research. Writing about it was another task altogether! I related well to the assignment 5 which I did on the different tourist gazes as I had been experiencing these myself in some or other form for this past year. But probably the assignment that I learned the most out of is assignment 6. I found returning to the same place and taking photographs over a one year period very enlightening. I became invested in the space and even started to identify with it as a local would. I documented changes to mini-landscapes as well as the larger landscapes, changes in tides, weather and the seasons. I’ve come to realise that my work needs to marinate and mellow for it to become reflexive. Just like a good wine.

I have learned new technical skills while on this course. I created panorama photographs for the first time, learned how to create a slideshow, created my first Blurb book and also a flipbook. I brushed up on some LightRoom software skills in learning how to colour correct in LightRoom. All of these skills will be able to be carried forward into subsequent modules.

Throughout the course my tutor was kind enough to point out my areas of strengths and also encouraged me to work on my weaknesses. This was incredibly helpful to me as I realised that one of my great weaknesses is my writing style (not surprising as composition was never a favourite subject of mine at school) and I will try and rectify this in my next module. I did find that I struggled more in this module with the writing component than with other modules and I am wondering if this perhaps has something to do with the fact that there are no people to write about in landscape. Being concise is also another of my challenges. Notwithstanding these stumbling blocks, I feel that I have made a decent improvement from where I started on the module to where I now am.

Having moved from a city into a rural community towards the beginning of the course has caused me to question where exactly do I fit in in this new environment and I think this is reflected in my work in the Landscape module.  At this moment it feels as my practice has developed around transitions or changes as this seems to be a common thread running through the assignments.